Flower Photography

Nature photography is one of the most popular among amateur photographers. video production Melbourne This is obviously because of the beauty and natural colors and effects that can be seen. Flower photography is the most popular subcategory because of its rewarding nature that gives you such a huge variation of shapes and colors. There are a few things that you can do to improve the quality of your flower photos and these are listed for you below. Flowers are naturally beautiful objects so it is not hard to take a decent picture, however to really turn that picture into something extraordinary you have to mix it up a little.

If you really want your photos to stand out among the others you should try and get a different angle and perspective on the flowers. The majority of flower photography is done from a slightly tilted down angle from about eye level. While this produced good pictures as it is seen as almost comfortable and usual, to really capture something different you should try and get among the flowers at ground level (how about trying to give a bug’s eye view of what flowers mean to them and really emphasize that). Whatever your idea is, just try something a bit different, and whilst it may not work as a photo it may give you some experience and future ideas to work with. Try and use the natural light provided. The beauty of flowers is that they are mostly outside meaning you already have a great light source to work with. The light source will also automatically change throughout the day meaning a dawn photograph can look dramatically different from an afternoon picture in bright sunlight.

Use this natural source to your advantage, especially looking to get out in early morning conditions if there is dew about on the flowers as this can provide a great natural effect. If you are getting down and personal in between the flowers then your grip on the camera may not always be steady. Use a tripod to ensure there is no blurriness in your pictures and also to prevent you from falling into the perfect looking flowers that you have found to take pictures of! Mix up your use of close up and wide shots to produce different effects. Also keep in mind the use of what is in the background of photos you are taking; you can use the background by blurring it out to add emphasis to your foreground shot or vice versa. You can stop the problem of wind ruining your photos and making them blurry by creating a wind break. This will make the flowers sharper in the picture, but remember you could also potentially use the wind to your advantage as it can naturally produce a great effect. Whatever you decide to do with your flower photography remember that the elements can provide great shots or prove to be a hindrance so plan ahead what shots you might like to take so you can be well prepared!